Some years ago I inherited a bunch of yarn. One long winter I needed a project so decided to try my hand at making a blanket. I found an easy pattern and thought I was doing great until I saw it finished. I promptly ripped the whole thing out.

The next one went a whole lot better and resulted in a finished blanket. Then I got the idea to make them for all the nieces and nephews. The odd thing was I didn't even really like crochet but somehow over the years I've grown to very much enjoy it (last I checked I've finished over two dozen blankets and throws for family and friends.) I've learned a few things over the years and forgot almost as many as I remember. I've pulled out and redone even more stuff because one thing I learned is that if I'm not happy with it when I do it I'm really not going to like it a few rows or rounds down the road.

Along the way I've collected way too much yarn, found bunches of patterns and created more of my own. Here I want to share my patterns and show some pictures of my finished things.

So without further ado welcome to

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