Inspired by the rag rugs of years gone by, I originally designed this pattern based on the popular box stitch for a “fixer upper” but it can be adapted to almost any decorating style. Use as few or as many colors as desired. Size is determined by the maker, not the pattern; length can be stopped at any time and finished off with a border (instructions at end of pattern) or simple hdc row. There is very little counting, and ends are tied rather than tucked/buried. This is a perfect pattern for those who prefer changing things up along the way. Difficulty level is advanced beginner. This pattern I have for sale in My Etsy Shop.

Following are color variations:

Firstly, my prototype, designed to go along with the 'fixer upper' decor style.

Then this one because I wanted to see what could be done with some pink camo and matching colors:

Here's a version with very high-contrast colors:

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